Life on Mars = Life in Cosmos ?

Robert Andersen ob295ra at
Mon Sep 30 11:56:43 EST 1996

Civilizational life on Mars? - no - I got the feeling that it is not 
possible - we could then expect the see traces of activities on the 
surface. As some scientist suggest only at the early stage of Mars 
history it was conditions for life to develop. Did you know that Mars is 
to small to keep any atmosphere and that of course make any further 
evolution impossible? 

I'm not sure what you mean by "impossible in our religion ".

But I feel that it is an interesting thought that other civilizations may 
have managed to cross the distances between the stars and in a way 
influed human minds in ancient time - and that some religions are traces 
of ancient visits. The distances is possible to manage far in the future 
for us (but that will need much resources).

I have counted that the sun has made 17 turns around the center of the 
milky way - is it possible that our star may have passed habited 
solarsystems who have sendt "seeds" ?

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