MD vs. PhD (who would win in a fight)?

Buddha st9545x8 at
Sun Sep 29 20:56:13 EST 1996


	I am a college student on the verge of insanity due to career choice 
problem. I am strongly considering Medical School at the moment, but 
getting a Ph.D in within my scope as well. I've been an intern at the 
National Cancer Insitute for almost 3 years now; although I am not doing 
too badly in research, I'd rather not do it for a living. My mom works 
at a hospital and she recently told me that I should not go to Medical 
School because the the massive responsibilities etc. She suggested that 
I should go into research instead.

	Now, I am looking at the MD/Ph.D program as well, but it seems all the 
programs directs toward research when you finally receive the degree. Do 
you have any opinion regarding my career perplexity? My ultimate goal is 
to be a doctor and can do research part-time as well. I have very good 
grade, extracurricular activities and work experience that would get me 
into either profession. Which road should not be taken? I really prefer 
a professional point-of-view. Thanks.

	Confusely yours,


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