mealworm help?

Richard A. Lockshin lockshin at
Tue Apr 1 11:18:51 EST 1997

Do you have a good library in Nova Scotia?  Several books for amateur
entomologists often have descriptions on raising mealworms.  Journal
of Insect Physiology, published in England, sometimes has research
articles on them.
John Churchill <jchurchill at> wrote:

>I'm doing a related literature write up for my Honours bio project...if 
>anyone has any info on hand...or knows of any good sites for in depth 
>information about the Tenebrio molitor species (yellow mealworm)then I 
>would appreciate it if you would let me know.

>I am particularly interested in a few things:

>                               1. Life cycle
>                               2. physiology
>                               3. and some graphics 
>                             would be great as well   

>But any info that you might have would be very much appreciated.
>           -JaMeS
>(Grade 12 student at Horton District High School, Nova Scotia)

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check out Apoptosis/Programmed Cell Death Web Page

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