Needed: Opinions on authorship

Jun Peng pchen at
Wed Apr 2 10:40:38 EST 1997

I have a ph.D. degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. The lab I did my
Ph.D. work is NIH-funded. My Ph.D. advisor has a habit of giving away my
work and let his favorite people be first authors.  I recently submitted a
paper which I had done all the work.  The reviewers asked us to add one
more control for one of the tables.  Since I have left the lab, the advisor
asked somebody else to do the control and again promised him the first
authorship, even though the core and the bulk of the paper was carried out
by me.

I want to fight this outright unfair practice. I repeatedly sent e-mail to
my Ph.D. advisor and requested a discussion.  He simply ignored my request.
I would appreciate any advice on where and how I should fight him.  Should
I contact the journal where the paper was submitted? Which office of NIH
should I contact? Their phone number? Any other legal channel I should

Please e-mail me.  Thanks a lot.


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