Q: Necrosis vs. Apoptosis

David O'Neill doneill2 at julian.uwo.ca
Thu Apr 3 18:27:58 EST 1997

Hi again,
I'm trying to differentiate between necrotic endothelial cells and
apoptotic endothelial cells.  Other than morphological analysis of
blebbing etc. are there any immunohistochemical markers capable of this
distinction.  For instance, a marker for two differing types of DNA
fragmentation?  Due to the loss of membrane integrity during necrosis, I
wonder if it is physically possible to identify these cells at all.  
Diffuse counterstaining (of necrotic cells) against an apoptotic marker
won't help me as I need to identify (and count) capillaries undergoing
Any suggestions are appreciated.  Have a great day!

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