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ElPurbecko wrote:
> I am conducting a project in my biology class.  The experiment is: How
> does light angle affect the growth of Spirogyra algea.
> My number one question is how I should preform the experiment nad what
> materials I should use.  If you have any inout at all, I'd be very
> greatful to hear from you.
> Thank you very much!
> Jonathan Purbeck

Hello, Jonathan:

	This seems an unusual experiment, since Spyrogyra floats in a tangled
mass.  Are you going to attempt to untangle the mat and force the poor
bugger to grow in straight lines?  Approximating its shape as a narrow
cylinder, there are only 2 directions available: from the side and
end-on.  You should also control for self-shading by the alga, and the
differences in light intensity due to the light traveling through the
glass and through different amounts of water.  

	Let me know how it goes, or if you want ideas for other experiments.  

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