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Did you know you can create a second credit file and a new identity using a
Government TIN or EIN number?  This can legally restore your credit and give 
you back your purchasing power all while Erasing Bad or Slow Credit, Late
payments, Bankruptcies, and FBI as well as DUI Judgements!

Imagine buying a home buying a home, car, new computer or applying for 
credit cards without being denied!  In short, you can Erase your Bad Credit
because Present United States Law legally allows a person to use a TIN 
number (Taxpayer Identification Number) or EIN number (Employee 
Identification Number) instead of a social security number. 
               TITLE 5, SECTION 7 OF PUBLIC LAW 93-579
               ACT READS:

(a)(1) It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State, or local government
agency to deny any individual any right, benefit or privilege provided by
law because of such individual's refusal to disclose his social security
account number.

This means that you are not required to give your SS# to anyone except the
IRS, your employer (for reporting withholding information to the IRS), and
when you are applying for a federally insured mortgage like HUD and FHA.

Like SS#'s, TIN/EIN #'s are issued to a person once in a lifetime.  If you
know how, you can legally use this number to replace your social security
number and start a new credit file.  Best of all, your original credit file
will not show up when you apply for loans, credit, or when anybody request
a credit report on you.  By using this method, a "NO RECORD FOUND" will 
appear.  From that point on it is up to you to build your new credit file
since you will be starting from ground zero (you will have no record of 
credit anywhere)!  It's that simple. PERIOD!  NO GIMMICKS, GUARANTEED!!!

If you are like so many people having credit problems or know someone who
is, this information can help erase bad credit fast and above all, it is not
against the law.  Within 30 days from today, you could be relieved of ALL
your credit problems and live a more quality lifestyle if you know how.

Read the following Table of Contents and ask yourself if you need this
information.  If you do then call us and get your life back and restore your
credit within the next 30 days.  If you don't need this information, please
pass it on to a friend or relative in need.  It could very easily be the 
best gift you could ever give to someone.  CREDIT IS POWER!  

                       ****TABLE OF CONTENTS****

Introduction to the legal aspects of our country's credit reporting system.
PUBLIC LAW 93-579, TITLE 5, SECTION 7 and your legal rights.

Three things you need before applying for a TIN/EIN number.
Three crucial steps to take after applying for your TIN/EIN number.
Applying for a TIN/EIN number. 3 easy steps to legally erase your bad credit
Applying for an TIN/EIN number and the government SS-4 form.

After you receive you TIN/EIN number your next step is to establish
a new credit file and build your credit.  A step-by-step approach.

Legally, You only get one second chance so don't blow it!
Three ways you can create a new credit file. 

Use any of these 3 methods to throw the computer off...The credit bureau's
computer has to match a person's name and personal information with what is
stored in its memory banks or it will not be able to find the person's
credit history, thus a "NO RECORD FOUND" will appear.  We show you how!

Three easy ways to legally obtain a driver's license or State I.D. card to
match the name and personal information a person uses to create their new 
credit file.

How to establish credit on your new credit file.
What's in a SS#. The first 3 numbers indicate the State you were born in...
Legally Applying for a name change at the social security office.  It's 
quick and easier than you think!
Keeping your same name.
Changing your real name to an alias name the legal way.

Creating the new credit file.
The BEST way to create your new credit file.
Employment references and how to use them to build your credit.

Bank loan procedures-building AAA credit using the banking system.
Applying for unsecured VISA/M.C. ETC...
Applying for secured VISA/M.C.
Applying for a department store charge card or oil company gas card.

Credit Scoring System-How to make the "Credit Scoring System" work for you.
Obtaining additional credit. Go slow at first.
How to get free reports from your credit bureau.

Putting years of a friend or relatives good credit in your credit 
file quickly!  This is both easy and powerful! A Must.

Three laws you should know about. The Fair Credit Billing Act, The Equal
Credit Opportunity Act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

This powerful credit restoring manual is available to you for $74.99.  A 
small price to pay to gain your financial independence back instantly. 

If you order our package within 10 days of receiving this response we will
discount the price $25.00 off and you will pay only 49.99.  We accept all 
major credit cards, checks, fax check, and money orders for faster service.
All personal checks must clear the bank before orders are shipped.  Orders
can be sent via e-mail for same day service.

To order by credit card or for more information call 512-853-2772. 
Or send a check or money order for faster service to:
5639 Carroll Lane
Corpus Christi, Tx. 78415

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