Looking for international experience in Fisheries

Mon Apr 7 20:39:29 EST 1997

	My name is P. C. Thomas. I am currently working as Professor,
Aquaculture and Director, College of Fisheries in India. I have around
36 years of experience in aquaculture and am looking to broaden my
exposure with some international experience in this area. I am looking
for a challenging executive position in an aquaculture establishment,
international organization or projects. I am also open to considering
teaching or research positions in an aquaculture/fisheries
institution/department or as a visiting professor. Please respond to my
email address given below. Thanks in advance.

	Email--> ct at canes.gsw.peachnet.edu
	Resume-> http://www.gsw.peachnet.edu/~ct/pc.html
	Phone--> 912-931-4498

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