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This may perhaps be a bizarre request for this newsgroup, but I
couldn't find any forum that seemed any better, so here goes...

I am the director of a graduate program in a large (45 faculty
members) Biology department at a medium sized (18,000 students) state
university.  Currently we require all of our graduate students,
regardless of the source of their support (fellowship, GTA, or
research funds) to teach a moderate amount. I would like to know if
this is a typical situation, and, as you might expect, it is quite
difficult to find this out merely by reading various promotional
materials put out by similarly sized biology departments. So I thought
I would ask here.

1. In your department, do all graduate students participate
   in teaching activities?

2. Approximately how many faculty ____ and how many graduate students
   ____ are currently in your department?

Please reply to me directly at

drintoul at

Thanks in advance


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