Bert van de Kmap invy at
Fri Apr 11 09:11:26 EST 1997

I am a Dutch translator translating E.O. Wilson's autobiography, and I
am looking for the Latin names of a number of insects, plants and
mammals in order to be able to look up their names in Dutch (if they
have any, of course). If anyone knows the Dutch names straight off, I
would be very happy to get them too, of course.

These are the English common names:

sea nettle                      Eastern spadefoot toad                
Elephant ear arum

grapsid crabs                Lion
ants                                      Spanish moss

citronella ant                blue
crab                                      golden-winged julia

goatweed butterfly       zebra swallowtail                       

chorus frog                   dusty
wing                                   royal palm

bush fly                         bulldog
ants                                yate trees

sandplain ants               Florida panther                          
turtle grass

boxleaf stopper             strangler fig                               
dagger wings

purple wing                   Bahama bananaquit                   
Florida scrub jay

whiptail wallaby            northern spotted owl

In case this is read by Dutch biologists and/or ethologists, I have some
questions for them as well: How do Dutch population biologists render
the following English phrases in Dutch articles, books or lectures (if
at all)?

discordant patchiness of distribution                                   
bomb calorimeter

species abundance
distribution                                              overflow

probability transition matrices of behavioral acts                 

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