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I LOVE America Online -- and I'm a MASTER at the game...
so much so, that I figured the TENS of THOUSANDS of new
members joining the Online Swamp could benefit from my SECRET AOL.

America Online is a brilliantly easy and intuitive piece
of software, and it's a no-brainer for most people to
get online and start swimming around.

BUT... PHENOMONAL SECRETS lurk beneath the surface of
the software, and only months and months -- if not years
and years - of experience are needed to stumble upon
the really really cool and deviously fun capabilities
of AOL.

That's why I've put together my AOL SECRETS booklet<<

It's packed with everything I know from four years
of daily online fun... and mischief! More than just
how-to tricks, it's the inside dirt, secret keywords,
the hidden areas and places to watch things go on
which MEMBERS are NOT supposed to witness!

It's incredible what I've learned in four years --
and so complex in its nature that I've had difficulty
categorizing the chapters. So here's what I've done:

SPY STUFF - Chapter One

 * Quietly saunter into a GUIDE LOUNGE!
 * Find *secret* and private chat rooms
 * The 55 dirty words that will get you knocked offline
   Internal instructions Guides use to keep you
   under control!
 * AOL's secret invention - "AOL Phone"! The latest scoop.
 * Avoid falling prey to the WAREZ "bomb room"
 * EXTRA AOL software to make chatting even more fun
 * Acquire the powerful tools AOL Guides use
 * Get room-busting software tools -- if legal in your state.
 * Find the secret and evil terms of service (TOS) bulletins
    and stay aware of the latest hacking and scam techniques
 * Internet sites that disclose SECRET AOL internal documents
 * "Hidden" rooms for AOL Beta testers and invited guests!
 * A site that demystifys computer jargon and confusing
    AOL terminology
 * Avoid AOL busy signals with TCP connection software -- get
   online even though your local numbers are full.


Meet people on-line
 * How to enter a room secretly without being spotted.
 * That YOU choose who to meet, and who to avoid
 * How to quickly meet people with similar interests
 * Get info on chat room visitors (without talking to them)
 * How to spot on-line "phoneys"
 * Create a completely bogus "fantasy" personality
    for yourself.


 * How to spot hackers, and how to retaliate!
 * Avoid being HACKED entirely
 * How to keep your password and credit card information
    secret from AOL hackers. They are everywhere, and I mean
 * How to hide your identity and become a completely different
 * Examples of fraud-intensive hacking attempts of Password

FOR ADULTS ONLY - Chapter Four

Sexually-oriented rooms
 * AOL automatically BLOCKS the Adult items from you.
    You have to deliberately turn on Adult access for yourself.
    I show you how.
 * Exactly where Sex Rooms/Images/Discussions are hidden
    from sight.
 * How to protect your children from sexual rooms and
 * The saying goes: "You're not a real man until you can find the
    dirty pictures by yourself."  Well, porno is available thru
    AOL/internet in incredible abundance. If this is what you
    want, I'll show you how to select images, extract the
    binaries, and view them in slide show format for hours
    and hours. All automated and all thru point and click.
    And all free.


 * E-mail and Instant Messages, different tools with
    different rules.
 * When to e-mail and when to IM
 * Make your messages come alive with color and sounds!
 * E-mail *power tips*
 * Did you know AOL BLOCKS over 150 domains from
   sending mail?
   Do you have friends/family using these domains?
   I'll tell you all about junk email, how it's done, how to avoid
    it, and how to get more of it if you want it!
 * How do they get your screen name, anyway? I'll show you.
    You won't believe how easy it is.


 *"IRC" - Internet chat rooms, how to find them, how to use
     them IRC chat rooms are vicious, slutty and sometimes
 * Free long-distance phone calls using the Internet
    If you and your friend both have AOL or an ISP, you can speak
    long distance for hours at no cost whatsoever. It's so easy.
 * And the nastiest adult jungles you've ever dreamed of...

AOL EXPOSED: -- Special Appendum

FREE BONUS: I'll include the incredible list of over 6000
locations on AOL. Some are well known, others are so
obscure only the fascinated few every use them. You can type
in any one of these 6000 code words to jump directly to the
esoteric areas. I show you how.

My booklet is very HOT! And unconditionally guaranteed. You
WILL learn *AT LEAST 20* new things about AOL, or your money
will be fully refunded. No questions asked!

 Mail only $24.95 check, cash or money order
 along with your shipping address to:

 >>>  P.M.A
 >>>  P.O. Box 1851
 >>>  Orangeburg, SC 29116


I'll ship my AOL SECRETS to you by first class mail the
very same day. And remember, if you DON'T LEARN at least
*20* NEW THINGS about AOL from my booklet, just return it
with a note and I'll refund every penny of your money.

*****ORDER BY CREDIT CARD >>>>>>>>>

Why wait? My "AOL SECRETS" can be in your hands
in just 6 to 8 days by FAXING your Credit Card Order!!

Just fill out the form below, and send it in
either of these two ways:

FAX the form below to 803-531-5897,
MAIL this form to: PMA, Box 1851, Orangebrug, SC 29116

..please fill out each of the 7 blocks for your
..speedy Credit Card Order...
..printing legibly only speeds your order, Thank you...
..if you cannot print this form, just copy the 7 bits
..of information onto a blank sheet.

(1.)   [  ]  Visa    [  ] MasterCard    (Please Check One)
(2.)   Credit Card Number:  (put one number on each line)

CC# __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ - __ __ __ __

(3.)  Expiration Date: [ __ __ / __ __ ]   MM/YY

(4.)  Your Name:  ________________________________

(5.)  Shipping Address: __________________________



(6.)  Phone w/area code __________________________

(7.)  Signature (Required) _______________________

>-->-->>  *Your credit card will be billed for $24.95,
          with includes a $4.00 special service fee,
          PLUS any additional services indicated below:

          Please include your email address with all
          orders or inquiries.

[  ] Check here for First Class Mail delivery (no charge)

[  ] Check here to ADD $18.00 for Fed-X Overnight Delivery
     Total Credit Card bill will be $42.95
     (can't be sent to P.O. Boxes, only physical addresses)
    Priority Overnight Fed-X will be used for orders
    received prior to 5:00 pm eastern standard time.

[  ] Check here to ADD $13.00 for additional copies of the

     ____ HOW MANY extra "AOL SECRETS"s @ $13.00 ea.?


Thank you! I hope to hear from you!

You will not be disappointed!

</P><P ALIGN=CENTER><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=5><B>Get Aol for $4.95 per month!!!<FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3></B>
</P><P ALIGN=LEFT><B></I>Act Within 24 hours of this E-Mail Offer and I will Also Include how you can get 
Aol For $4.95 per month. The same service, no <I>limitations...
</P><P ALIGN=CENTER><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=4>This is a limited time offer so act quickly.<FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3></B>


I'll ship my AOL SECRETS to you by first class mail the
very same day. And I PROMISE: if you DON'T LEARN at least
*20* NEW THINGS about AOL from my booklet, just return it
with a note and I'll refund every penny of your money.

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