Carbon Helix Bond

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Fri Apr 11 19:51:23 EST 1997

Jim Bullard wrote:
> Please explain what a double helix bond might be? Never heard of it. Are
> you talking about a hydrogen bond, phosphodiester bond, London Dispersion
> forces (stacking interactions), etc.
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> On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Rob wrote:
> >  I was wondering if Silicon could form a double helix bond like like the
> > one carbon forms in DNA?  Please respond as soon as possible.
> >                     thanks, justin
> >
> >
> >
Oh Come on!! 
Give the guy a break!
I'm sure he is wondering if Silicon could take the place of carbon and
form a similar structure as that of DNA

	Structure involving two antiparallel, hydrogen-bonded polynucleotide
chains wound into a right-handed helical configuration.

Perhaps, phosphodiester bonds could link rings of silicon, but what
about the h-bonding necessary between the amino acids? 
Anyone know?  Is is possible to get silicon to form a structure similar
to a nucleotide?

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