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	Thank you for reposting this.  I had heard about Hale's statement at a
job interview yesterday!  Perhaps you could forward this to him, if you
think it appropriate.  

	When I was working as an undergraduate in Dr. Ralph N. Adams laboratory
at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, they celebrated his 25 year
aniversary of his first doctoral students graduation.  Dr. Adams had had
an amazing career, encomapssing electrochemistry, ESR, and
neurotransmitters.  During dinner, I found myself looking out over the
tables filled with over 50 people ignoring their food and writing on
napkins.  Dr. Blank of Oklahoma University, who I had worked for asked
me "What is unusual about these people?"  The answer was "They love
their work".  

	I was saddened by Dr. Hales announcement.  What he says is true and
unfortunate, both for scientists and for our country.  What does it say
about the moral character of our nation when there is much more demand
for lawyers than for scientists?  

Alexander Berezin wrote:
> ================================================
> Reposting of an open letter by Alan Hale
> regarding the future of science - Alex Berezin,
> Secretary of CARRF (Canadian Association
> for Responsible Research Funding)


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