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Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Sat Apr 12 11:53:09 EST 1997

          Subj:	LIST-SERVER for CARRF

	The Canadian Association for Responsible Research 
Funding (CARRF) is an informal group of (primarily) 
Canadian university researchers seeking to reform elitarian,
discriminative and publicly unaccountable funding policies
of granting Councils, such as NSERC (Natural Sciences and
Engineering Research Council), MRC (Medical Research 
Council), etc. Our goal is to promote an open discussion
of research funding mechanisms, practice of "peer review", 
massive denial of opertaing grants to numerous active 
and reputable researchers, etc - the discussion which we 
believe is systematically sabotaged by the administration 
of the Granting Councils.  

        We welcome participation of researchers at all 
stages of their careers, i.e. faculty members (senior, 
junior, tenured, untenured, 'emeritus', etc), research 
associates, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, 
non-academic researchers, and all individuals who are, 
by one reason or another, are interested in these issues, 
Canadians and non-Canadians alike (we believe that the 
researchers in many countries are facing similar problems).

We have established a LIST-SERVER to facilitate exchange 
of information and viewpoints between people interested 

The Name of the List is:  CARRF at YorkU.Ca

To subscribe, you must send an email to:

		LISTSERV at YorkU.Ca

with a blank Subject Line, and with the first Message Line being:

subscribe CARRF <your name = any text>,
for example:

SUBSCRIBE CARRF  Winston S. Churchill

It requires <your name> - it will not work without it.

If you wish, you can subscribe anonymously, i.e.
your e-mail address will not be revealed during the 
list REVIEW proceedure. The instructions how to do 
this may be requested by mailing to  


with subject line blank and  


be typed at the body of the message.

Once subscribed, any email sent to CARRF at YorkU.Ca will 
be distributed to all other subscribers.

Only current subscribers may send messages to the LIST for

This add can be copied and forwarded unlimitedly.		

Geoffrey Hunter (York University) 
Alexander Berezin (McMaster University)
(April 11, 1997)

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