Albert Gold bgold at ktb.net
Sat Apr 12 10:42:55 EST 1997

Dear Michael,

While Washington University in St. Louis (my alma mater) has an
outstanding reputation and endowment in the biomedical sciences
(and computer science, incidentally), Carleton is a more respected
liberal arts college.  To my knowledge, Carleton has no claim on
any Nobel prize level work (I could be mistaken), while Wash. U.
has had many science Nobel Prize winners on faculty, or who have
completed their Nobel Prize winning work at that school.

My education at Wash. U. in both Biology and Computer Science was
outstanding, for its time (I graduated in 1976).  Since I know many
on faculty there still, I am led to the conclusion that it remains
an outstanding place for undergraduate science education.

Bert Gold, Ph.D.
Los Angeles

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