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                           April 14, 1997

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In this week's issue:

1.   The AMD MMX Is Here!
2.   Hot Deals

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1.  The AMD MMX

Advanced Micro Devices has introduced their sixth-generation MMX
(Multi-Media Extension) enhanced microprocessor it hopes will
wrestle a significant piece of the 85% CPU market owned by Intel.
The MMX Technology includes 57 new x86 instructions designed to
enhance graphics, internet and multimedia applications. 

While MMX chips incorporate much of the technology found in graphics
accelerator cards, they will not replace the 2D/3D cards.  However,
they sure will improve the performance of existing and future cards.
And it's not just because of the MMX coding.

The K6 has a larger "cache", a built-in area that stores information
that programs use over and over so that it can be accessed quickly.
Pentium chips have a cache of 16K (16,000 bytes).  But the K6 has a
64K cache.  Since accessing information in a cache can be thousands
of times faster than accessing information stored on a disk, a larger
cache will substantially improve the performance of any operating
system and application program.

The AMD K6 is certainly more powerful (at least 15%) than the Intel
Pentium MMX chip.  More importantly, it is as powerful (and cheaper)
than the upcoming Intel Pentium Pro II (Klamath) MMX chip.

The K6 is the result of AMD's acquisition of a chip-design company
named Nexgen.  The merger joined Nexgen's technology with AMD's
manufacturing and marketing abilities.  As a bonus, AMD got the
services of Nexgen's chief operating officer, Vinod Dham, who had
previously headed Intel's Pentium design team.

The AMD strategy is to build on the widespread Pentium-based
infrastructure, instead of Intel's desire to introduce a new Pentium II
platform.  Despite its sixth-generation internal architecture, the K6
does not use sixth-generation packaging.  Its pinout actually matches
that of a classic Pentium chip.  As Intel prepares to introduce its
Pentium II (Pentium Pro MMX/Klamath) processor and the new required
Slot 1 motherboard architecture, AMD is resting its hopes on the
standard Socket 7 used by millions of existing Pentium computers.

After testing the first three K6 chips, which run at 166MHz, 200MHz
and 233MHz, the Microprocessor Report trade journal concluded that
"AMD now has a processor faster than Intel's best chips."  PC World
also posted a report on its web site saying the K6 nearly matches the
Pentium II in performance -- even though the K6 will sell for a lot
less than the expected $650+ for the Pentium II.

This is AMDs big assault against Intel's dominance in CPUs.  AMD says
it will be able to build four million K6s this year -- and 24 million
next year.  AMD expects to have the capacity -- and the marketing
muscle -- to raise its market share from the current 5 percent to 30
percent by 1999.  In addition to their chip factory in Austin, Texas,
AMD is building a second facility in Dresden, Germany.


Like Intel's Pentium Pro, AMD has created a hybrid microprocessor:
a RISC core with a x86 wrapper.  The RISC (Reduced Instruction Set
Computer) chip uses a simpler architecture capable of higher speeds
and faster computations.

Using AMD's RISC86 superscaler microarchitecture, the chip decodes
each x86 instruction into a series of simpler operations that can then
be processed using typical RISC principles -- such as out of-order
execution, register renaming, branch prediction, data forwarding, and
speculative execution. 

Manufactured with a 0.35-micron five-layer-metal process, the K6 is
almost twenty percent smaller (162mm to 196mm) than a Pentium Pro
yet contains 3.3 million more transistors (8.8 million to 5.5 million).
Most of these additional transistors reside in the chip's primary
cache, which -- at 64K -- is larger than any other x86 processor.  

A 266-MHz version of the K6 will debut by the fourth quarter, and
a 300-MHz should follow in early 1998.  Subsequently, AMD will
continue to reduce die sizes and increase clock speeds by moving to
a 0.25-micron manufacturing process in 1998 and a 0.18-micron
process in 1999.

The actual AMD-640 chipset will be licensed to VIA, SIS, Opti, ALI,
ITE and others.  Like Intel's 430TX, the AMD chipset uses a two-chip
design and offers support for Concurrent PCI, UltraDMA, and USB.
By the second half of the year, AMD plans to ship a version that
supports Intel's Accelerated Graphics Port, which will give future
graphics chips dedicated access to main memory. 


1.  The K6 provides a cost-effective upgrade path for improved
CPU processing, as well as the ability to take advantage of MMX
Technology for improved multimedia, graphics and Internet

2.  The K6 is fully compatible with the x86 instruction set and
will work with all of your Windows software.

3.  The K6 runs faster than the Pentium Pro 200 using the latest
benchmark test, Winstone 97.  However, unlike the AMD-K6 series,
the Pentium Pro 200 does not have MMX processing capabilities. 

4.  Unlike Intel's Pentium II (Klamath/Pentium Pro MMX), the AMD
chips do not require a new motherboard or a special socket (Slot 1)
SEC adapter.  The K6/PR-233 and its two siblings -- the K6/PR-166
and the K6/PR-200 -- plug into the same socket as the Classic
Pentium and will fit all ATX, LPX and Baby AT motherboards.

5.  AMD will price the K6 at least 25 percent below Intel's chips.

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