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If you can't breath, nothing else matters!  Women across the country
have long recognized the air vents as a major source of dust
distribution throughout the house.

What about the smaller particles you can't see - pollen, dust mites,
molds and other nasty little pollutants living in your ductwork and
floating in the air?

Turn your vent outlets into an indoor air purification system with
Nature's Key Filters.   A must for those affected with allergies and
asthma - they have been tested and proven to eliminate 7 of the 12
known triggers for allergy/asthma attacks - and
those of us
who HATE DUST and want a cleaner living environment. The Nature's
Key Filters STOP AND DESTROY these microorganisms before they leave
the ductwork and enter your living and breathing environment.  And as
the air is drawn back into the forced air system, it is filtered
again and again as it is recirculated - every time your system turns
on.  When used in the work place, the Filters can increase productivity
and decrease loss of time due to illness.  According to the EPA,
"Indoor air is found to be up to 70 times more polluted than
outdoor air"  and "50% of all illnesses are either caused or
aggravated by polluted indoor air" (American College of Allergists).
The Nature's Key Filters clean the air as it is recirculated
through your forced air system by utilizing three state of the art
technologies: AEgis Microbe Shield destroys airborne microorganisms
such as molds, fungus and bacteria on contact - permanently bonded to
filter fibers (will not off-gas).

Virgin Activated Carbon  purifies the air by adsorbing odors and gasses.
Passive Electrostatic Filter Fibers  sweep the air of dust, pollen, smoke
and most common allergens - proven to be much more efficient than
standard filter media in removing pollutants.

*The exclusive design of our air filters create less than a 2% air flow
reduction - no back pressure on your HVAC system!

1)  The Nature's Key Omega Filter installs in the vent outlets of
each room in your home or office, to filter the air RIGHT BEFORE YOU
BREATH IT.   Simply remove vent cover (diffuser) and measure opening
to obtain correct size. Filters are cleaned by vacuuming every 6 weeks
to 3 months (depending on how "dirty" your air and ductwork are).
Filters last at least two years under normal applications and proper
maintenance. Available in precut standard sizes - 4" x 8", 4" x 10",
4" x 12" and 4" x 14" ($8.00 each).  Also available in a 20" x 25"
trim to fit sheet of filter material ($69.95 each).  Installation
clips (for standard sizes) and velcro installation strips
(for trimmed sizes) included.

2)  The Nature's Key Alpha Filter  filters and purifies the air flow at
your furnace and cold air intakes.  When used with the Omega filter,
it creates complete system protection.  Maintenance and life of the
Alpha Filter is the same as the Omega.  The Alpha Filter is a trim
to fit 20" x 25" and includes a universal supporting frame ($69.95 each).

3)  The Nature's Key 'Fridge Filter utilizes the same technologies as our
other filters, but is used inside your refrigerator!  It is a
simple solution for humidity, odors and bacteria.  100 times more
effective than baking soda (and baking soda doesn't kill bacteria!)
The patented AEgis destroys germs, virgin activated carbon removes
odors and moisture to make fruits and vegetable stay fresh longer, ice
cubes and ice cream taste right!  It will also lower energy cost by
reducing the humidity level in the refrigerator.  Two days after
installation, make sure you check the temperature inside the refrigerator,
or your  milk may freeze!  Installs anywhere inside the refrigerator
and/or freezer, and attaches with a strip of velcro which is included.
($5.99 each). Also from Nature's Key - "chemical free", bacteria
based household maintenance products!

4)  Drain Opener - a non-hazardous drain opener and build-up remover
that efficiently removes organically caused "plugs" in drain pipes
and treats slow drains.  Does not harm pipes and poses no hazardous
threat to users.  As the product goes through the drain system and
eventually into our waterways, it creates a natural "bio film" which
is environmentally positive!!  16 ounce bottle is $6.99.

5)  Odor Eliminator - extremely effective in removing and eliminating
undesirable odors (such as pet odors, cooking odors, smoke, etc.)
at their source. Nature's Key Odor Eliminator is different from mere
air fresheners in that it is not a "cover up", but converts the odor
causing agent into water and carbon dioxide.  8 ounce non- aerosol spray
bottle is $5.99.

6)  Spot & Stain Remover - A blend of highly specialized microbes for
the removal of stains caused by organics such as food, grease, wine,
grass, blood, etc. from fabric and carpets.  Ideal as a laundry
pre-spotter or for pre-spotting carpets prior to cleaning.  No perfumes
or dyes.  16 ounce spout bottle is $6.99.

7)  Septic Treat - An easy to use, quick, trouble free product for use
in Septic System households.  Effectively increases the operation of
the septic system, reduces sludge buildup thus reducing the frequency
of costly pumping and extends the life of the system.  Simply drop
the water soluble packet into your toilet bowl and flush! 3 month supply
is $6.99.

8)  Plumbing Cleaner - An effective dry product for use in drains to
maintain clear flowing drainage systems.  It is specifically designed
for use in drain lines, grease traps, wet wells, lift stations and
basement sewage injection pits.  The natural solution to grease
problems!  16 ounce jar is $6.99.

All products sold with a money back guarantee.
Order by E-Mail (visa/mastercard accepted), US Mail (check or money-order),
or call 319-646-2943 for FREE information or personal service.  

Please include $4.50 for shipping/handling.

American Eco-Systems, Inc., PO Box 109, 125 9th Avenue, Wellman, IA   52356
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E-Mail address:  natureskey at

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