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>Can anyone tell me about Annexin V- ie. techniques etc.?  I'm
>particularly interested in necrosis and apoptosis in endothelial cells.


Annexin V is a member of the calcium and phospholipid binding proteins with vascular anticoagulant
activity and is found on the cytosolic face of plasma membranes. During apoptosis cells expose phosphatidylserine (PS) 
to the outer membrane (Fadok et al, J.immunol 1992;148:2207). The number of binding sites for annexin has been reported as 8.8x10E6/
cell for endothelial cells (Van Herdee,Biochem J 1994; 302:305). The stoichiometry of Annexin V binding to PS ranges betwwen 4 and 8 
annexin molecules per one PS molecule (Pignault et al, J Mol Biol 1994;236:199 ; Kuypers et al, Blood 1996;3:1179))

All these information provide from documentation (Apoptosis detection Kit for low cytometry detection, R&D Systems, Technical Service)
We can also use Tools for apoptosis (Boeringer Mannheim) Annexin-V-FLUOS for flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy)
I am ot using this technique now but I hope also to detect apoptosis on endothelial cells monolayer by fluorescence microscopy.

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