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Bert van de Kmap <invy at> wrote:
Hi Bert,
sorry, I'm german, and most of these english names are unknown to me. But
maybe I can help you with one or the other.
: These are the English common names:

: Eastern spadefoot toad (SCAPHIOPUS HOLBROOKII) 
: Elephant ear arum (?; African E.= Loxodonta africana,
		      2 subspecies: L.a. africana, L.a. cyclotis

		      Asian E.= Elephas maximus, 4 subspecies: E.m.
		      bengalensis, maximus, sumatranus, hirsutus)
: Lion (Panthera leo)
: ants (Formicidae) , or do "Lion" and "ants" belong together and mean the
ant-eating insect? Then it's called: MYRMELEON FORMICARIUS                   

: northern spotted owl (Bubo africanus? german expression is only "spotted

It's not so much, but I hope, I could help at least a little.
  Greetings   Ute

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