I'm selling my stolen SIMM chips away. They're CHEAP.

groove groove at finlandmail.com
Sat Apr 19 10:14:16 EST 1997

    I have about 150 SIMM chips (16MB, EDO, 72pins). They are _stolen_
    chips, you know.. ..and that's a problem.. 

    I sell them away. They're low-priced; 5 USD each. I've decided
    that I don't sell more than two simms to one person.

    (I'm sorry if you have already bought
    simms from me at the higher price).

    If you have something to ask... -> groove at finlandmail.com

    If you wanna order a simm or two... -> Just use my e-mail and ask for
                                           ordering information.
                                           I'll send my reply today.

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