Fat Burners box17 at DELPHY.COM
Sat Apr 19 08:38:49 EST 1997

To All Concerned;  

    I'm contacting you one last time to apologize, as a neophyte on the
    Net,for sending you a piece of unsolicited e.mail recently.  If I'm
    not the LEAST computer literate person with a computer, if THAT person
    dies...I'd have a good shot at the title!! I'm a businessman..a decent,
    hardworking, honest and fair one.. who was lulled, through my naivete,
    into sending a large number of e.mail messages to potential customers
    of an exciting new product.

    The concept of 'spamming' is so new to me, I'd never heard of it, until
    a number of you were thoughtful enough to write back to me and explain
    what it is!!!  While I've received numerous unsolicited pieces of
    e.mail..on a daily basis..I had no idea that it could bother people to
    such an extent.....I guess my natural business curiosity makes me
    interested in seeing what just about anybody is doing to make money.
    I've never done anything than to take advantage of the offer to type
    "remove" in the subject window and send it back. If any of you are
    happy that the degree to which I've offended strangers is bothering
    me be it.

    My intentions were honorable, and never designed to cause angst for
    anyone else.....I DO apologize to all those I've upset. I will, however,
    ask that you don't shoot the web provider,IWSC,is a
    highly honorable and well regarded firm, who had NO idea of what I was
    doing... in fact, I assure you all, as upset with me as the most upset
    of you pales in comparison with how THEY feel about me. I
    apologize to them, as I do to all of you.

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