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Sun Apr 20 08:14:13 EST 1997

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Until now the drawback to all MLM's has been high start up costs and expensive products.  Imagine a combination of NO SIGN-UP FEE and LOW PRICES with the very BEST PAY PLAN in the Industry.  Check out these features:

     1) A diverse line of quality consumable products that are low priced/no need

         to justify high prices.

     2) Unique products that are market leaders - the best of their kind available.

     3) High payout to the distributor on product purchases.

     4) Upfront pay or earnings from early on to avoid distributor dropout.

     5) Good management with capital and the ability to expand.

Aside from these essential elements, we all know that a support system is paramount for your success in network marketing.  Because of this, the following was provided free of charge for you and your downline organization's use:

     1) Toll Free overview/recruitment message makes sponsoring easy.

         Call 1-800-649-5496  (USA ONLY) 

     2) Fax-on-Demand at 1-801-750-5638 -- Please hang-up after providing your

         fax no. and the documents you want.  The system will call you back 

         shortly to fax over your request for free.

     3) A Toll Free 800 number for sign-up and order entry.  (USA ONLY)

With our real WHOLESALE prices, BEST COMPENSATION plan and the 800 # sponsoring machine, prepare to make MASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME.

For information on how to get started, e-mail us at:  IDEALmlm at and include your name and address.

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