How to download our REMOVE (500,000 entries) list

delete at NETCHEM.COM delete at NETCHEM.COM
Sun Apr 20 12:04:28 EST 1997

Dear Sir/Madam,

We got your email address from list at
Our software might have accidently mixed the email
addresses of those who sent email to list at
with the email addresses of bulk emailers.

If this the case, please email to delete at
and you will never be bothered by us again but still 
be able to contribute to list at

We are compiling a list of people who hate to
receive junk email.

We will send you the list periodically.

Please do not even think about adding the REMOVE
list to your mass email list. Almost everyone
on the list will find your IP address and will
complain to us and to your upstream service providers.

To to be eligible to receive the REMOVE list, please
send a blank email to add at with your email
address as the subject. We request a human to receive
the REMOVE list.

We are working with many Internet service providers
to filter junk email by sender's name, sender's domain
and sender's IP address. (very easy to do with sendmail).

If you honor our REMOVE list, we will not add your name
to the filtering list. Otherwise, your mass email will be
blocked immediately by many Internet service provider.

You can switch providers but it take time and you also
have to pay your providers. We can update the filtering
list for many Internet service providers in a few seconds. 

To help others and in return to help yourself, please 
send your own REMOVE list to add at


Jerry Wang, PhD, Chemechanics, Inc., mailto:jerryw at 

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