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Wed Apr 23 07:58:57 EST 1997

I was wondering if there is anyone here that knows:
1) what should the Km of ONPG be?
2) what should the Ea for ONPG be? (I know that here I need to use Arrhenius plot. I obtained a value of 1644.9 cal/mol and I read in a paper (don't have here with me at the moment) that it is 8000 cal/mol........any suggestions, ideas?                     Ea=((slope)(R))/(-2.303).......R=1.98 cal/mol......slope value, according to my data is = -1912.9
Please, if u have any data that you may provide me with, or any reference that you know that could help me, please email me at:
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Thank you.......

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