Fencing the Okavango Delta

Paal Skjetne skjetnep at nobipol.unit.no
Fri Apr 25 12:06:42 EST 1997

Dear Netters,

The Botswana Government is finallizing the last
veterenary cordon fences surrounding the
Okavango Delta. These fences will cut off most
of the remaining wildlife migration routes in the
area, affecting not only wildlife in Botswana,
but in neighbouring Namibia as well. 

The Okavango Wildlife Society has put out a
report on the WEB summarizing the background
of the fences, and the possible damage to
both local communities and wildlife.

Please read the report at:


or follow the link on the Society's main page:


On behalf of The Secretary - OWLS (owls at global.co.za)

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