1-800 Internet FREE CALL,Unlimited Use, $19.95 mo. Agents needed!!

Fri Apr 25 05:32:52 EST 1997

        New Online/Internet 1-800 Communications Company Is Looking
                         For New Agents To Promote Their  Service!
                                 Or just use the service if you like!!

                  This is a one time offer no need to be removed
                                              TO RESPOND
                                      please do not hit reply
                              See Below Instructions thank you!                                          

Would you like to......................................................................................

* Have Unlimited 56K Internet Access from every Phone in the Nation?
* Pay only 19.95 per month and no Busy Signals or toll calls ever? 
* Want your internet Free?
* Want a Free 5 meg web site included?
* Dial in from any telephone in America, A FREE CALL?
* Give out an 800 number as your own Toll Free Number?
* Have A Virtual Office, utilizing all of todays newest technology?
* Work from home FT/PT?
* Set your own hours?
* Make $20 to $100 for each ORDER you take? (and that's just for starters)
* NOT have to sell anything? (our software does the selling for you)
* REALLY make as much or as little as you wish?
* Get regular paychecks Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bonuses?
* Get started very soon?
* Have an opportunity to recieve Gifted  Stock in the company?
* Have Complete Management Support?

If you answered YES" to any of these questions then I have a REAL 
opportunity for you. There are people doing this right now 
making VERY GOOD money right from their homes using their 

For more information  on simply promoting our service
and getting paid to do it!! Please Email, Name Address & Phone!!

 mailto:promotions at cyberpromo.com 

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