help identify an unusual invertebrate

David B. Hedrick davidbhedrick at
Wed Apr 30 00:21:05 EST 1997

Saw the same critter in Tallahassee FL about 10 years ago, but mine was
only about 4 inches long.  Decided it was a terrestrial planarian based
upon the lack of segments, thin slime, and the planarian eyes (nearly

Michael P. Ready wrote:
> >Just got home, and crawling across the sidewalk was an unusual
> >invertebrate that I've never seen before (Not that I've seen 'em all).
> >Anyway, at first glance it looked like an earthworm: round, about 10"
> >long and 1/8" across, not visibly segmented. Crawling on its belly and
> >leaving a slime trail behind; definitely a crawling, not serpentine
> >motion. But what was unusual was that it had a head shaped like a
> >shovel, not unlike the head of a hammerhead shark, about twice as wide
> >as the body, and flattened (it wasn't a partially squished
> >earthworm!). My first impression is that of a planarian, but this is
> >definitely round. There is also a distinct black stripe down the back;
> >the basic coloration is a tannish-brown, and the black stripe seems to
> >be pigmentation, not a dorsal blood vessel. The tail end was blunt,
> >not tapered.

> >Any clues to what this is?

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