Win $100,000 & Take A Vacation *************************************************************************************

Fri Aug 1 02:44:48 EST 1997


So you need a break and are dreaming about a vacation, huh?  Here's your chance.  We'll give you $250,000 in imaginary money to invest in the stock market.  After 15 weeks, if your investments are worth more than anyone else's, YOU WILL WIN $100,000 IN REAL CASH!!!.  


It's SIMPLE, EASY, and FUN.  And it will PAY OFF BIG for someone!

GRAND PRIZE IS $100,000 and 1 in 25 players will win CASH. 

Entry Deadline is AUGUST 7, 1997, SO DON'T DELAY.  Prove you are the Best TODAY!

For further information and to enter, visit us at

Forward this message to your friends and CHALLENGE them to a beat you!  And if they win the BIG MONEY, make sure they cut you in on their winnings!

REMEMBER:  DEADLINE TO ENTER IS AUGUST 7, 1997 @ 11:00 PM, Central Time.

OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES   1.  You must be at least 18 years old to play.  2.  Void where prohibited by law.  3.  Contest open to U.S. residents only.  Only U.S. funds accepted.  4.  Employees of The Fantasy Stock Market Contest Group, LP; the contest operator, or their families are not eligible to play.  5.  All cash prizes will be paid at the end of the contest.  All winners are responsible for any and all taxes on their prizes.  6.  For a complete list of Official Contest Rules, send a SASE to FSMC, 1349 Empire Central, Box 64, Dallas, TX 75247.  7.  The Fantasy Stock Market Contest is not endorsed by or affiliated with any publicly traded exchanged, the S.E.C., or the N.A.S.D.  8.  By entering this contest, you acknowledge acceptance of all contest rules and agree to be bound by them.

DISCLAIMER:  No money collected from contestants' entry fees will actually be invested in the stock market.  By participating in the contest, contestants will not actually purchase or sell any shares of stock or other securities or any interest therein.  None of the companies whose stocks are used in The Contest are affiliated in any way with The Contest.

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