Internet Service $9.95

Unlimited at GINETTE.COM Unlimited at GINETTE.COM
Sat Aug 2 03:39:20 EST 1997

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                                      Unlimited Internet Service 
                                       in 95% of USA & Canada
                                             $19.95 a month 
                                       + one time $25 set-up fee
                                          (Only $9.95 a month 
                                          when you sponsor 3!)
                                         NO BUSY SIGNALS 
                                          NO PER MINUTE CHARGES
                                            NO HOURLY CHARGES 
                                          NO CONTRACT REQUIRED
                                               Web Site & e-mail
                                          FREE Self-replicating Web Page 
                                  Unlimited Income Opportunity 
                                                 (not MLM) 
                                              to INFINITY!

                                It's exciting, fun and easy to make money over the Internet. 
                                We'll guide you to success every step of the way and you'll
                                even have a personal Trainer assigned to you to make sure
                                that you do.

                                Over ONE MILLION PEOPLE PER MONTH are
                                signing-up for the Internet Service and it's projected that by
                                the year 2000, ten times that number will want the service
                                every month!  Wouldn't it be great if YOU could get paid
                                $10 + $2.50/MO residual income every time someone
                                signs-up for the service, day in and day out?  We'll show you

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