Blood types (Celtic/Norman/etc)

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This is not a Kook question. I am looking for the latest
scientific evidence on this.

Has anyone any references on efforts to track
population through hair colour, blood type
and other genetic features.

I'm sure that there was a lot of bad work done
in the 1800s on "breeds" of people. But I have
heard vocally that the British isles still contains
a large degree of regional differences which reflect
different populations. I once saw a map which posited three

1) Celtic blood type (forget which)

2) Anglo-Saxon-Frankish (broader than this name but
basically those who moved onto the isles from the
continent from 500AD onwards)

3) Aborginal (pre-celts). I am told that this group
is most numerous in Wales and parts of Scotland and
Ireland but Wales particularily. The blood group
associated with these people is O positive and thats
what I am. I am also told that this group is genetically
prone to alcoholism and all sorts of health problems.(This
could be bullshit).

I would love to see any evidence which refutes or confirms

Can anyone help.




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