The Real X-Files - Trust No One

Mon Aug 4 15:00:01 EST 1997

Fox Television has the real show.  But we have the real merchandise.

High volume has allowed us to lower our prices.  Therefore, we are now 
running a HUGE SALE!!!

Operators are ready to serve you - Multi-lingual service is available.

How to order:

Go through the X-Files pages -

and when you find something you like, click on 'I Want This!'. Do this 
even if you don't want to order and pay on-line. It will figure out the 
shipping methods and costs for you automatically. You don't have to 
have a credit card to do this. 

When you are finished selecting items, then click on 'Order Summary'. 
Your current order will be displayed, and you can make any changes as 

Next, click on 'Finalize Order'. You will be asked to enter your name and 
address, including your phone number and email address. Please enter 
everything so that in the event of a problem, we will be able to contact you. 

After entering your address, click on continue. You will then see a list of 
available shipping methods and the cost to send your order. Select any 
shipping method you desire. The most economical is the US Postal 
Service - Priority mail for anywhere in the United States. International orders 
can select from Parcel Post - Air, or surface. Surface goes by boat, and 
subject to big delays as long as two months. 

After selecting a shipping method, your entire order, complete with sales 
tax (if applicable), shipping and handling charge, and the grand total. 

At this time, you have several options on how you want to pay for all this. 

You can: 

Use a credit card on-line. Remember - you can always refuse the charges 
if the merchandise doesn't meet your expectations.

Print out a hardcopy of the order to fax, mail in, or telephone us with your 
credit card information.  Remember - you can always refuse the charges 
if the merchandise doesn't meet your expectations.

Print out a hardcopy to mail in with a check or money order. 

That all there is to it! If you have any questions at all, feel free to email 
us at info at 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the cost for shipping something outside the United States?

Depending on the weight of the item(s) that you order, it starts around $150.00 
and varies a bit between countries.

Q. Do you have a catalog that you can send me?

Sorry, no. We are offering our merchandise over the Internet, and use that medium 
for customers to view the products. If you want a printed copy of something you 
see here, you can print it to your local printer.

Q. I have Microsoft Internet Exporer and I can't get the CyberCash Wallet to work.

It has been found that Windows (3.1 & 95) Microsoft Internet Explorer (both 1.0 
and 2.0) won't load the wallet at the time of payment. Clearly, the fault is Microsoft's.
(Your complaints should be directed to webmaster at 
Macintosh version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for some reason works okay. 
There is nothing we can do to fix this. However, you can download an evaluation 
copy of the latest version of Netscape Navigator, which works very well. You can 
easily have two browsers installed on your computer at the same time, and they 
shouldn't interfere with each other. 

If you want, please call our toll free 
number 1-(888) 905-8825, or fax your order in to 1-(714)-544-0421. 

Q. I clicked on Step 1, but it just says save file as..... 

This is probably due to not having the CyberCash Wallet not installed. Before starting 
your order (Finalize Order), it's a good idea to download a file from CyberCash that 
contains the program for your computer. It is very easy! You can do this right now! 
[Click Here] Then run the install program provided. During this process, it will give 
you an opportunity to add a personality (your name, etc), and the credit card(s) 
you would like to use. This is where you type in your credit card information. 
When finished setting up your wallet, you can close (exit) the wallet. During 
the order processing point after selecting your shipping and good stuff like that, 
you will see a Step 1 and Step 2 buttons. Clicking on Step 1 will activate your 
wallet, and being the actual payment process. 

Q. I want to know EXACTLY how much my shipping and handing cost is going 
to be? 

This is easy. Just go ahead and start the order by selecting all the items you are 
interested in. Then click on 'Finalize Order', and enter your address where you 
want to ship to. Then click 'continue'. You will then see a list of all available 
methods of shipping, and their cost for YOUR order. You don't have to finish 
this order. 


How to contact us!


You can email us at info at If you don't have your own 
email account, let us know in your message, or if you have a different account 
than the one where sending your email. 


Anywhere in the US, call toll free 1-(888)-905-8825. 
Outside the United States, call (714) 544-0136. Worldwide 
FAX #: (714) 544-0421.


Virtual Merchant
12291 Charloma Drive
Tustin, CA 92780

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