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If you have received this message in error I appologize... It will not be 
sent again.

It doesn't take a large amount of cash to start a highly profitable 
business.... and we are going to prove it! For only $30.00, a one time 
investment of only $30.00, you can get started right now.... today!
 Allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are Kevin Thrun & Ray Nichols.  "THE 
DOWNLINE GUYS" The  Business Opportunity before you will both amaze and 
excite you about your financial future! 

 It is the most complete Business Opportunity of it's kind anywhere. With 
over 15  years of business management experience, and association with 
numerous Multilevel Marketing companies, the homework and research has been 
completed. We developed this opportunity because we were tired of high 
priced business opportunities that the average individual could not 
understand or afford. Last year we almost walked away from the Home Based 
Business Industry. Today.... we are very glad we didn't.  The individual you 
have received this E-Mail from is also very glad we  didn't. ....If we have 
peaked your interest...... please read on.


You are about to become part of a new marketing group. The business you are 
about to start is 100% legal. The method that is used to market this 
business is an old idea given new life. It's been called a pyramid and more 
recently a matrix. There is absolutly nothing illegal about this method of 
marketing a business. 

It is again becoming vastly popular and people will make money, possibly a 
lot of money when done correctly. What would be illegal is to ask people to 
send money without the physical exchange of a product or service.

This is supported in the Code of Federal Regulations; Title 18 Section 3005 
Vol. 16, Sections 255 and 436. Also in Title 18; Sections 1302 and 1341 of 
the U.S. Postal and Lottery Laws. It simply states... A product or service 
must be exchanged for money received. As with any multilevel marketing 
company the theory behind building your business is progressive sales. This 
explains the term multilevel. "The Business Opportunity Of A Lifetime," is 
built around the sale and physical exchange of our "Special Reports," which 
are your bonified products.

 Another major point is that you are in complete control. There is no 
middle man. All of the money you earn comes directly to you. No one from 
Advanced Downline Concepts will ever solicite you for extra money or to buy 
other products not involved with this opportunity. We will also never sell 
your name to any mailing list or E-Mail list company. You have our word on 
Below is a simple matrix that shows you the amount of money that can be 
made by using 5 gets 5 as an example. We strongly encourage a minimum goal 
of each person bringing in at least 5 people into this business. When 
everyone does this, it assures your success. Do not limit yourself to just 5 
people. Bring in more people, which sells more reports and you make more 


At your start-up, with your name in the #6 Position,
 5 Special Reports are ordered from you.. 5 orders x $5 = $25
When your name moves to position #5.... 25 orders x $5 = $125
When your name moves to position #4..... 125 orders x $5 = $625
When your name moves to position #3..... 625 orders x $5 = $3,125
When your name moves to position #2..... 3,125 orders x $5 = $15,625
When your name moves to position #1.......15,625 orders x $5 = $78,125

Here is your income if you only bring 5 people into this business and 
everyone else only brings in just 5 people........$97,650.

This is usually done by sharing this opportunity with 5 people you care 
most about. (This is "Casual Marketing," a most important part of this 
As you will find out, this only the start of how important "Casual 
Marketing" can be to your total success.

Realize, you just bring in 5 people who bring in 5 people and so on, that's 
$97,650. Consider this, you bring in 10 people who only bring in 5 people 
and so on, your income doubles to $195,300. Bring in just 5 more people, 
that's 15 who just bring in 5 people each and so on, your income triples to 
$292,950. You do the math, the numbers are overwhelming!

The possibilities are endless as long as you continue to share this 
business with as many people as possible.                                    

"The Business Opportunity Of A Lifetime," is based on you and everyone 
involved purchasing 6 different "SPECIAL REPORTS," These reports will give 
you valuable and essential information to be successful with this business. 
If you do not order the "SPECIAL REPORTS," your business will not work. The 
cost of these reports are $5.00 each. The 6 people listed in this 
information packet, that you will order these reports from, are already in 
business selling the information that you need. From these reports you will 
learn your tax obligations in running a home based business, the internet... 
 E-Mailing thousands about your business, how to quickly stack people in 
your first level, classified advertising and much more.

Here are your step by step instructions....
#1) Print a copy of this entire packet of information. Set these copies 
aside because you will need to refer to them later.
#2) Print your name and address clearly and neatly on six 3 x 5 cards. 
Also, number these cards with the numbers 1 thru 6 in the upper right hand 
#3)  Using #10 regular envelopes, address them to each of the 6 people on 
the Information Brokers List. Also, write the number that corresponds with 
each name on the Information Brokers List, in the lower left hand corner of 
each of these envelopes. This is so you can order the correct reports from 
the correct people.
#4)  Match the numbered 3 x 5 cards with the number you wrote on the 
envelopes and place that 3 x 5 card in the matching envelop. Do this 
correctly, you want to be sure you get all 6 Special Reports mailed back to 
#5)  Place $5.00 in each envelop. This is the cost of each report that you 
are ordering. 
#6)  Again, using a #10 envelop, place a self addressed stamped envelop in 
each of the 6 envelopes you are mailing out. This is how your "Special 
Reports" will be sent back to you. The reason for the SASE, is to keep your 
mailing costs low and your profit margin high. You should receive your 6 
"Special Reports" in the mail within 10 days to 2 weeks.Remember, when you 
receive your Special Reports in the mail you should make at least 10 copies 
of report #1 and 25 copies of reports #2 thru #6. This will get you started 
until your report order volume increases. 


You now want to add your name to the Information Brokers List. Be sure you 
have printed this entire E-Mail package before you begin. You want to be 
sure you have a printed copy of all of the names as they appear now, before 
you begin. Here is how it is done. Type your name and address in the #6 
position; type the name and address that was in the #6 position in the #5 
position; type the name and address that was in the #5 position in the #4 
position and so on, finishing up by typing the name and address that was in 
the #2 position in the #1 position. The name and address that was in the 
#1position drops off the list. As you can see by the list of names, some 
people choose to get a post office box to use as their mailing address. The 
period of time. 
These are the individuals you will order your "Special Reports" from.
Order Report #1 from the individual in the #1 position;  Report #2 from the 
individual in the #2 position, and so on. Please follow the directions 
regarding ordering and adding your name to the list exactly. 

#1) Home Network     Order Report #1
    P.O. Box 60258
    Rossford, OH 43460

#2) Money Dynamics    Order Report #2
    P.O. Box 558
    Perrysburg, OH 43552

#3) Ray Nichols    Order Report #3
    2116 Oakdale Ave.
    Oregon, OH 43616

#4) Kevin Thrun    Order Report #4
    524 Greenfield
    Maumee, OH 43537

#5) InfoLine    Order Report #5
    P.O. Box 167847
    Oregon, OH 43616

#6) Downline Systems    Order Report #6
    P.O. Box 6222
    Toledo, OH 43614

This powerful program, "The Business Opportunity Of A Lifetime," in the 
format you have just read was specificly designed for the purpose of 
E-Mailing. Now think of this for a minute. Not everyone has a computer. So 
if this business opportunity could be used only by those who have a computer 
or was advertised to only those who have computers, you would really limit 
your market. 

 We wanted our market and your market to be anyone and everyone who wants 
to be successful. We also want you to be able to get started right away. 
With all this in mind we made it very simple. We like to call it,"Casual 
Marketing." With our "Casual Marketing" Information Packet, all you need to 
do is begin handing it out to as many people as you can. Be inventive. Try 
to imagine how many people you come into contact with every single day. 

The "Casual Marketing" packet has all of the information you have read in 
this E-Mail presentation... and more. It gives you the opportunity to reach 
out to anyone who has the desire to be successful......... To anyone who 
desires financial freedom....... TO ANYONE!

Combine "Casual Marketing" with the other forms of advertising that you 
will learn about in our "Marketing Special Reports," and you could be well 
on your way to your own financial freedom.

When you begin receiving orders for the Special Reports...  Match the 
number on the Report Order Coupon  ( or the 3 x 5 cards ) with the number at 
the top of the Special Reports. Place the proper Special Report in the SASE 
and drop it in the mail. It is imperative that you return the correct 
numbered Special Report to each individual the day you receive the order. 

Please be sure you are mailing quality copies of these reports to your 
customers. This will help insure the success of your business and the growth 
of your downline customer base.

We STRONGLY SUGGEST you order the "Casual Marketing" package.
This is one of the most effective parts of this program.
It sets it aside from all others who do not offer this type of a marketing 

Advanced Downline Concepts
524 Greenfield
Maumee, Ohio 43537

Please include $2.00 for postage and handling.

Fill out the form below.



City,State & Zip__________________________
Please send me the "Casual Marketing" Information Packet.

This information will be sent to you the day we receive your order.

The timing never been better to become involved in your own home based 
business. We all want financial independence and freedom. These days true 
affordable business opportunities like "The Business Opportunity Of A 
Lifetime" are few and far between. Please keep in mind, the more people you 
personally bring into this business (CASUAL MARKETING) the more money you 
can make. It's now time to make a choice. We cannot make the decision for 
you. Ask yourself these questions. Are you happy with your current financial 
situation? Are you happy with your current job making someone else rich? If 
you answered no to either of these questions, then it may be time for a 
change. "The Business Opportunity Of A Lifetime," can be be your front row 
ticket to success!

Thank You & Good Luck
Advanced Downline Concepts
Kevin Thrun & Ray Nichols
"The Downline Guys"

If for any reason you do not receive or you misplace a Special Report, you 
may re-order that Special Report by writing Advanced Downline Concepts at 
524 Greenfield, Maumee, Ohio 43537 and enclose $5.00 for the cost of that 
report. Please note which report number you are requesting. 

Copyright Pending, May 1997. The reprint and use of this text is only 
permitted in it's original content and form. The express purpose is to offer 
a business opportunity of selling information in a work at home environment. 
No individual, company or organization has permission to alter it's purpose, 
content or cost of the Special Reports.

The information you have in this E-Mail, other than adding your name to the 
Information Brokers List, is exactly what you will E-Mail others.
After you add your name to the lnformation Brokers List, always check your 
configuration by E-Mailing yourself.

There is only one original, "The Business Opportunity Of A Lifetime" ..... 
Our final thought to you is, don't settle for copies or imitations. Join us 
today and make the American Dream, "The American Reality,"
through "The Business Opportunity Of A Lifetime!"

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