Cell Death and CO gas absorption questions

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Wed Aug 6 10:45:48 EST 1997

Can someone answer the following questions (thanks ahead):

1) Do skin cells absorb Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas while viable (living)?

2) Do skin cells exude/push out CO gas while living?  (I assume so)

3) Upon dying, will skin cells start absorbing heavy amounts of CO gas from
their immediate environment (assuming CO gas is present)?

4) Does cell function (organelle, enzymatic activity) stop fairly soon upon
cell death?  What activities might linger?

5) What factors influence the RATE of CO gas absorption in a "dead" skin cell?
(CO outside concentration, membrane permeability...)

6) What is the best way to measure CO gas concentration absorbed by skin

7) What enzymes in skin cells are primarily involved in CO

Thanks much to any and all responses.

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