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Wed Aug 6 10:44:18 EST 1997

The capitalist economic system has a problem with externalities. Economic
activity has side-effects that can adversly affect the human community and
ecological health. Attaching fees on those activities which might harm the
larger environment--that exploit the Commons--would produce a
counter-balance to the profit motive and would help to ensure that overall
levels of resource use do not exceed what is sustainable. The cost to the
consumer would come to reflect the amount of effort required of the
producer AND the amount of resources invested in the production.  This
system would act like a sensory nervous system for the earth. It would
cause a reduction of injury to ecosystems. 

If all people had an opportunity to say whether levels of pollution and
resource use are too high, (whether the use fees ought to be raised, (or
lowered), and if the fees collected were shared among all people equally,
we woud have de facto ownership and management of the Commons by the

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