Little respect for doctors

Stephen Sharp ssharp at
Thu Aug 7 02:11:26 EST 1997

     I work alone on Night Shift in the Lab.  Because of this, I have a
certain repore with
the physicians and all staff in general.  As I am good at what I do and
alone, I take no
crap from anyone anywhere.  This is not bragging.  This is necessary.  I
find that, while
I'm flexable and capable of listening to unusual requests, it's
ultimately my call.

     My advice to anyone having problems in this regard is,

                                   1.  Be good at what you do.
                                   2.  Be polite.
                                   3.  Don't let anyone comprimise your
work ethics.
                                   4.  Be honest, Let them know when
they're out of line.
                                   5.  Have some self-respect and


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