Little respect for doctors

Brian Stapleton star1190 at
Wed Aug 6 20:32:41 EST 1997

In Fritz Langley <efudd at> wrote:

> Furthermore, "shopping" for doctors has real practical limitations. 
> Rural areas are natural monopolies; there isn't demand for more than a
> very few practitioners.  In many cases it isn't possible at all to
> change providers when you're satisfied.  Many procedures are
> irreversible or otherwise unrepeatable; you can't try again if you're
> dissatisfied with the results.

Man! Ain't THAT the truth! The people who present for chonic care or
advanced disease are usually the people who could not afford preventative
medicine so are now in such an advanced state that they need procedures
that cost umpteen times the price that simple initial health care would
have avoided...

Sorry... I'm not a "commie" or a "pinko liberal", but paying for a new
engine because you didn't want to spend the money for a couple of quarts of
oil is simply bad budget management...

go figure...

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