substance that provides color of milk

Hernan Espinoza espinoza at
Thu Aug 7 15:07:50 EST 1997

tivol at (William Tivol) writes:

>phg (pgueguen at wrote:
>: hi
>: i d like to know witch substance provide the white color of the milk?
>: thank

>	Comparing the color of skim milk to that of whole milk leads me
>to conclude that the lipids contribute a lot to the color.  I guess that
>casein is the major contributor to the color of skim milk.

	I don't think so because the solutions of pure casein that I have 
are colored vaguely yellow.  It's not the lactose because 20% lactose is

I think your first guess about the lipids is right.  Skim milk still
has a little fat in it.  (When does Fat-Free not mean fat free?  When
the FDA says it can.)

Anyone else?


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