Little respect for doctors

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You are correct, except in your analogy. Most of us -- even the poor --
can probably afford a few quarts of oil.
Not true with medical care.
I feel very fortunate to have a good job and good insurance, but I have no
illusions -- our current health care situation is a national scandal.

Brian Stapleton (star1190 at wrote:
: In Fritz Langley <efudd at> wrote:
: > Furthermore, "shopping" for doctors has real practical limitations. 
: > Rural areas are natural monopolies; there isn't demand for more than a
: > very few practitioners.  In many cases it isn't possible at all to
: > change providers when you're satisfied.  Many procedures are
: > irreversible or otherwise unrepeatable; you can't try again if you're
: > dissatisfied with the results.
: Man! Ain't THAT the truth! The people who present for chonic care or
: advanced disease are usually the people who could not afford preventative
: medicine so are now in such an advanced state that they need procedures
: that cost umpteen times the price that simple initial health care would
: have avoided...
: Sorry... I'm not a "commie" or a "pinko liberal", but paying for a new
: engine because you didn't want to spend the money for a couple of quarts of
: oil is simply bad budget management...
: go figure...
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Mel Billik in Michigan
Remember: if you can keep your head about you when all around you are in a
panic ... perhaps you don't totally understand the situation!

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