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> I know what someone's going to say: that said nurses have encountered too
> many residents who can't take correction and feel it is a waste of time to
> talk to them. I find that to be a weak excuse. People who don't have the
> guts to tell you their objections to your orders up front...

Okay.. point taken and noted... but I have a different question..
As a "health tech" (my employer's snappy term for someone they pay crap
that has to do all the goofy stuff) I frequently perform phlebotomy. There
are NUMEROUS times that I am at a patient's bedside getting some samples
and a nurse or doctor asks for "a little bit" of the blood I drew to drop
onto their glucometer (sp?).
Now the (unwavering) protocol at my hospital is that you may only use
capillary blood for these readings... not veinous blood... 

My question: 
How do you tactfully tell this provider that you cannot supply the sample
without either pissing off the provider, or worse, making the provider
look unknowledgeable in front of the patient?

My only response so far has been to supply the sample, then fill the
person in out of earshot of the patient. Usually the provider will reply
with something along the lines of, "Well, it's close enough." My sources
say it is nowhere NEAR close... ergo, that is why we do it the way we do.

I'm not a doctor.... so I don't really know the skinny on the cap blood
vs. vein blood pathology.. but this conflict is a constant problem...

Any suggestions on tactfulness or remedial training alternatives?

Thanks so much..


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