Cease And Desist Flaming

webmaster at COMPUSERVE.COM webmaster at COMPUSERVE.COM
Sat Aug 9 14:14:07 EST 1997

On behalf of our client, Samsung America Inc., ("Samsung") 
we hereby request that you cease and desist all 
inflammatory internet hacking, telephone hacking, flaming,
jamming, and other illegal activities.

If you have responded aversely to a recent bulk email 
message from our client, Samsung America, Inc., or from any
of its subsidiary companies, then you may be one of the 
people who has performed fraudulent and actionable 
transgressions, thereby causing severe harm to our client.  

Your email name was provided as being suspected of 
connection to various acts of internet terrorism.  Your acts
are illegal.

Several messages have suggested that Samsung and/or its 
subsidiaries, including but not limited to Sailahead Global
Emporium, www.sailahead.com, and Samsung Electronics, 
www.sosimple.com, violated US Federal Laws through 
activities commonly called "spamming."  This allegation is
unfounded in the law, as spamming is a protected activity 
under the laws of free speech.

Our client has asked us to inform you that all of your 
future correspondences should be directed to their counsel:

Russell L. Allyn, Attorney at Law
California Sate Bar Number (SBN) 143531
Katz, Hoyt, Seigel & Kapor LLP
Los Angeles, CA
khskllp at aol.com
310-473-7138 (fax)

All incidents of internet terrorism will be prosecuted 
where possible, and reported to appropriate law enforcement 
authorities as warranted.

Please consider this as your notice to cease all attempts 
to harm multi-national corporations who conduct legitimate 
commerce on the internet.

Russell L. Allyn, Attorney at Law

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