Little respect for doctors

Susan Hogarth sjhogart at
Sun Aug 10 19:00:55 EST 1997

Sorry for the off-topic rant... but this flamebait was too much for me.

Selliott wrote:

> I find it amazing that people still believe that the USA is a great place
> to live.  Someone is obviously not telling them what it's like in other
> countries.

Such as... Britain, maybe - or _France_? NO, *thanks*! 

This may be difficult for you to comprehend, but some people don't
choose their country based on the quality of its *welfare*. Those who
*would* make that their prime consideration are rarely in a position to

The US *is* a great place to live. So is Australia, I'm certain. Some
people can enjoy and appreciate life in *any* place on Earth, even
France ;-)

> We're even paid $550.00 per week for me to stay in med school and my
> husband to stay at home with our four children.

Does your welfare allotment increase with every new child you burden the
system with?

> My University fees are $1500.00 per year.

Yeah, the universities probably save tons of money by not having to have
an economics department. Why burden people's minds with reality?

>  Still I guess you did win
> Operation Desert Storm and that's one of the important things in life isn't
> it!?

Well, that and television...

In a perfect world,
all roads would be smooth black asphalt
and all parking lots would be smooth white concrete.

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