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      CABLE DESCRAMBLER:  1) Build with 7 Radio Shack parts costing $13.00
                                                2) Customize your existing cable box...

-----------View all PREMIUM and PAY- PER VIEW channels.--------------

Our Cable Descrambler package is an information kit containing easy to
follow, step-by-step instructions on how to build a cable descrambler
from a few inexpensive parts available at Radio Shack or your local
electronics store.

[or]...EVEN EASIER....

We will also include plans on how to "customize" your existing cable
box to receive every channel offered by your local Cable Television
company without even having to build a fact, it's so 
easy, ANYBODY can do it, and it is so obvious, you'll hate yourself for 
not thinking of it sooner.

Either your descrambler or your "customized cable box" will allow you to 
view all Premium and Pay-Per-View channels as long as you subscribe to 
BASIC cable service.

The assembly is very simple and does not require any kind of 
electronic training or experience.  Just follow the clear instructions 
and simple diagrams and you will be enjoying your extra channels 
in less than an hour.


All Plans Are Pre-tested. START BUILDING in a few days!!!

Don't wait.  Order now and you too can begin enjoying all that cable
television has to offer.

Save yourself some money! ....Order your cable descrambler package
today for a one time fee of only $18.95.  This includes two separate sets 
of detailed plans that will both enable you to view all the Pay Channels.

We will send your package right away... And as always, our plans are
backed by a 30-day MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE.
(plans are intended for educational purposes)


(circle one)

Cash     Money Order    Check     Credit Card
                                                    (Circle One: VISA, M/C, Discover) 

Credit card # ________________________________________

Expiration Date____________________


Guaranteed Fee $18.95.  I need you to RUSH processing. Please add
$5.00:      Total  $_______

TO EXPEDITE PROCESSING: Fill out all information, print, and
FAX TO (619) 682-1021  (If paying by credit card)

If paying by cash, check, or money order,
Please make payable to:  PALMER & ASSOCIATES


Palmer & Associates
1666 Garnet Ave. #808
San Diego, CA 92109

(be sure to include your mailing address)


Address___________________ City ___________ State _____Zip __________

Phone #(___)____  -________
(internal code: reg.bulk21.8/13)

Palmer & Associates
1666 Garnet Ave. #808
San Diego, CA 92109

office: (619) 685-5505
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