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deseewi at ZETA.ORG.AU deseewi at ZETA.ORG.AU
Fri Aug 15 11:28:31 EST 1997

25,000,000 E-mail Addresses on CD-ROM

If you are doing Bulk Emailing then you know
how time consuming the collection (extraction)
of addresses can be.

At a rate of even 5,000 address per hour, it will
take a dedicated computer and Internet connection
24 hours, 7 days a week, 30 days a month, to 
collect 3,600,000 addresses.

At this rate, it would require approximately SEVEN
MONTHS to extract 25,000,000 addresses.

If you are marketing on the Internet and want to
use bulk emailing for your business, this SPECIAL
OFFER should be of interest to you.

LIST is being made available through this special
offer for only $199 on CD ROM.

That’s right -

25 Million Addresses for $199.00!  To order this
CD-ROM, simply call us at (812) 597-1000 and ask
for offer number 298.

We regularly charge $999.00 for twenty-five million e-mail
addresses, which is a very competitive rate compared
to other organizations in this business.  $199 for this large
of a list is a real steal and will not last for long.

So call today!  812-597-1000, offer #298.

Due to the overwhelming response we've had to this
limited-time offer, our telephone lines have been very busy
accepting incoming orders.  Please be patient when calling,
as this offer will not last for very long.

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