"Mugged by Mr. Badwrench?"

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                       “Mugged By Mr. Badwrench?”

Angry over automobile service work at your dealership or repair shop? 
                    Now there is help!

                              Highway Robbery

Here’s how you may have ben mugged by Mr. Badwrench:

Paying for defective parts that you were told were working “normally” while your vehicle was under warranty.

Tune-up work that should have been done free under your vehicle’s emission control warranty

Brake overhauls when only an inexpensive replacement of pads and linings were needed.

Major transmission work when minor service or adjustment would have been enough.

 Wheel alignments your car didn’t need.

Ball joints or other steering parts that weren’t defective.

                            Automobile Self-Defense  Secrets
Here are just a few of the self- protection secrets you will learn in this book.

How to avoid getting ripped off on common services; oil changes, shocks alignments.

Where to get the best service and service prices.

How to decide where to buy your new car.

How to spot transmission rip-offs

How to recognize engine tune-up scams.

How and where to complain to get the best results.

How to avoid the “dealer shuffle”.
How to evaluate warranty programs and get the most out of them
Learn dealer and manufacturer excuses for not fixing out-of-warranty conditions and how to answer those excuses.

How to get service bulletins for defects or recalls for your model from any dealership or the Federal government.

 Save Thousands $ in unnecessary repairs and mountains of time and grief by getting the job done right the first time.
                     Disclosure of Industry Secrets
You will learn how auto manufactures cheat their dealers, how dealers cheat the manufacturer and how they Both
  cheat the customer. 

Discover how you can fight back, getting your problem taken care of with little or no additional cost to you.....either in or out of warranty.

In a clear and straightforward manner, common rip-offs are exposed. The car owner is provided with some “tricks of the trade”. Including how to negotiate Free repairs from manufacturers even without the benefit of an in-force warranty.

Yes! Mail my copy of “How to Avoid Getting Mugged By Mr. Badwrench”. 
           Enclosed is $25 plus $2 p&h for total of $27

Internet Special: 
               _____ I am responding within 10 days and am enclosing $17.




Mail To:
                      Strawberry Press
                       518-7 Old Post Rd. Suite 211
                       Edison, NJ 08817

                              365 day guarantee 
Just return your copy in resaleable condition anytime within one year if you are not fully satisfied.

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