Call for moderation/filtering on bionet newsgroups

Dr. Stephen G. Hall hallsg at
Sat Aug 16 00:19:23 EST 1997

It is extremely unfortunate that the bionet newsgroups have become
swamped with junk posts.  These groups used to provide am invaluable
service to the public; however, they have become something many in
the scientific community stay away from now due to the continuous 
spam that is posted.

There is probably a place for the chain letter, ez credit, and get
rich schemes that are posted, but they certainly are out of place

While scientists are probably the smartest, yet most underpaid lot
in the universe, I don't think the bionet group as a whole really gives 
any of the ez money posts a second thought with regard to making a
career change. 

Here's hoping for a little moderation. Anyone agree?

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