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This is YOUR CHANCE to get an INSIDER'S LOOK at what industry 
leaders are calling the most POWERFUL recruiting tool ever produced. 
This NEW tape is so EMOTIONAL and the problem is so REAL (affecting 
over 75 million people in the U.S.) it has already SHATTERED the 
response rate of other industry tapes 3 to 1. The NEW product the
tape describes is protected by 16 U.S. PATENTS and was developed 
exclusively for our company by the world's leading authority on 
nutrition and author of the best selling book in nutrition history.

HOTTEST Opportunity of `97...
  EXCLUSIVE 15 year Contract With #1 Selling Author in Nutrition
  NEWEST Breakthroughs in the Preventive Health Care Industry
  SUPERIOR QUALITY Products Developed by the World's #1 Nutritionist
  YOUNGEST COMPANY Ever Featured on the Cover of Success Magazine
  GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD... In Success Magazine 3 Times in 1 year
  #1 RATED MLM in History... Profit Now (Consumer Reports of MLM)
  #1 RATED Company of the Year 1996... Profit Now (Jan/Feb `97 issue)
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In the last few years FORTUNES have been made by entrepreneurs 
having access to an audio cassette with a POWERFUL MESSAGE. Many 
earned six figures within one year with little or no experience in 
Network Marketing. They simply saw an opportunity, learned as they 
went and built HUGE organizations with relatively little effort. 
IMAGINE, being one of the INSIDERS who got involved with the "Dead 
Doctors Don't Lie" and the "Ray Cassano" recruiting craze from the 
beginning. Many of those fortunate people are now MULTI-MILLIONAIRES 
and some are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

As a member of our team, you will be positioned for EXPLOSIVE GROWTH 
with one of the industry’s most POWERFUL organizations. You will 
benefit from being able to "plug" your prospects into our "Virtually 
Automatic Enrolling System", share in our aggressive advertising 
co-ops, and cutting edge on-line marketing techniques. You will have 
the ongoing support of MLM LEGENDS experienced in developing organi-
zations with over 110,000 distributors and featured in the N.Y. Times
best seller, "Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline", by Richard Poe).

If you want to be in the right place at the right time--THIS IS YOUR
CHANCE!  As you know in this business -- timing is everything!  Those 
who take IMMEDIATE ACTION will position themselves to earn MASSIVE 
INCOMES. This is your chance to get in early on the MASS DISTRIBUTION 
of a recruiting tape so POWERFUL, a system so SIMPLE, and a product
so EFFECTIVE that even the most reluctant recruiters can achieve 
overwhelming success. 

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                     Call 888-573-7604 for
                  Your FREE Tape and Information
                  Please include your full name, 
                mailing address & phone# w/area code
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P.S. Our company is currently attracting more business professionals 
and MLM leaders than any other company on or off the Internet. If you 
are interested in SECURE, long-term residual income, we urge you to 
investigate our company and our "blueprint" system for success. 

P.P.S. With toll-free 1 (800) ordering -- no distributor sign-up fee -- 
no front loading -- no group volume requirements -- and reasonably 
priced, superior quality, one-of-a-kind product line, it’s easy to see 
why we’re the highest rated and fastest growing young company in Network 
Marketing history.

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