Try to be serious

Helder M. Vieira hmv at
Sun Aug 17 11:37:48 EST 1997

Please forgive my ignorance...
I didn't notice Samsung's spam. Thanks God.
Anyway, let me tell you that your ridiculous threats are a poor mask for
Samsung immoral practices.
Spamming is just spamming. 
It is not, and will never be, an honest marketing practice.
As for Compuserve, one would expect it to protect it's own reputation,
actively avoiding this kind of practices.
At this moment, I'm looking at the posts in bionet.general.
At least 80% of the messages are marketing junk, that no one will ever
read. As a side effect, regular users of this and other groups will
probably cease to participate in discussions. 
We've had enough of this.
So, give us a break. Don't try to get legal support for your activities.
You're simply immoral.

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