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Terrell Email Xpress                            2nd Week Of August 1997
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email your 100 word ad to 100,000 for just $49!  Just
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Realize the potential of radio to promote your business, product,
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Hi, My name is Randy Brock, sales associate with Today's New
Country, Y96.  Country radio is ranked #1 in many markets
nationwide, and we are one of the top stations covering Kentucky,
Tennessee, and Virginia.  We serve seven counties in Kentucky,
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For only $10 per commercial, you can market your business to an
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Get Personal!  Sean Terrell's Bulk Email Service is now ready
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Ok, now that sounds
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Photos, documents, name it, we can scan it!
Let me scan your family or business can then 
send these photos to friends and family by e-mail, print them out, 
put them on a webpage, or anything they want to do with them:

*Family Photos *Portraits *Portfolios *Snapshots/Polaroids
*Teams/Sports Photos *drawings/Sketches/Artwork
*Wedding Photos *Flyers *Any Photo Or Document.

The only requirement is that the photos not be larger  than "8.5" x
"14". All photos are scanned in high resolution, 16.7 million
color, JPEG format.  We can convert to any other format, 
just let us know what you want - gif, bmp, pcx, etc., 256 color up 
to 16.7 million, or even greyscale if you need it.

My Rate is $2.50 per photo or document (minimum $10.00)
If interested, please send your photos or documents and 
check, money order, or cash (if nessecary), along with
your return address to my address below. I can save to 
3.5" floppy or CD-Rom.  If you prefer CD-Rom, please 
include an additional $10 for a blank CD. Your disk
and photos will be returned together, and in the same 
condition as I received them.

Please rest assured that your photos will not be used 
in any way or reproduced anywhere. I simply scan the 
photos and mail the images back to you. 

Your original will be returned safely to you.
Thank you for your interest...

Mail To:
Sean Terrell 
Route 1 Box 548-B
Gray, KY  40734
All Photographs returned unharmed.
100 YEARS TO LOAD?  Well, what you need is additional ram!
If your Windows 3.11 system or Windows 95 system is slow,
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We have discount ram available NOW!  Look at our prices and 
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72 Pinn EDO:
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32 Megabyte - $199

30 Pin:
 4 Megabyte - $29

Low prices and fast quality service - get the ram you need today
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Sean Terrell
Route 1 Box 548-B
Gray, KY  40734

We will ship C.O.D. or you may prepay in the form of check or
money order.  Thank You!

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