Request for information on anti-cancer testing of target human cells in culture

Fergal Cronin jfcronin at
Sun Aug 17 16:52:42 EST 1997

I am looking for information on how target cell (human) and tissue cultures are used in 
the anti-cancer testing of potential drugs. In particular I would like to know specific 
laboratory procedures ie the origin of the culture/tissue, what procedures are utilised 
by the lab worker, solutions that need to be made up, specific instrumental/analytical 
techniques used, how the drug is administered to the culture, etc. Can you also 
recommend any books or a short list of papers that would give this information, clearly 
and consisely, as I am a chemist and unfamiliar with biological lab procedures.

Some basic, simple to understand information (theory and practical) is being requested 
here. If you can help at all, please reply direct to my e-mail address: 
jfcronin at

In anticipation of your replies, thank you,

Fergal Cronin

Disregard answering this message after August 27th 1997

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