Fermentation Conference - Poster deadline extended

Justin Neway jneway at aegiscorp.com
Sun Aug 17 20:33:20 EST 1997

Fermentation Biotech Conference - Poster Deadline extended to September 15th


The conference on Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology (RAFT II), to
be held in San Diego, USA, November 15 - 18, 1997, is announcing that the
deadline for receipt of poster abstracts has been extended to September 15th.

If you and/or a colleague are interested in presenting a poster at the
conference, please visit the SIM web site for additional information
(http://www.simhq.org) or contact SIM headquarters (simhq at aol.com) to
request an abstract form.  Please complete and return the form to SIM at
the address below by September 15, 1997.

Society for Industrial Microbiology
3929 Old Lee Highway, Ste. 92A
Fairfax, VA 22030-2421, U.S.A.
Tel: 703-691-3357
Fax: 703-691-7991
e-mail: info at simhq.org

A listing of topic areas and other general information for the conference

Sessions and Conveners:

Innovative Methods for Monitoring or Controlling Bioprocesses.  Conveners:
Bing Miller, Fermtech, and Robert D. Schwartz, Ph.D., Abbott Laboratories

Micro-gravity Fermentation.  Convener: David Klaus, Ph.D., Aerospace Eng.
Sciences, University of Colorado

Strain Development for Improved Fermentation Properties.  Conveners: Carol
A. Baker Ph.D., Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc., and Alan Berry, Ph.D.,
BioTechnical Resources, Inc.

Fermentation Optimization, Control and Process Improvement.  Conveners:
Amit Vasavada, Ph.D., Kelco, and Konstantin B. Konstantinov, Ph.D., 
Bayer Corporation.

Metabolic Engineering. Conveners: Scott D. Power, Ph.D., Genencor
International, and Prof. Lonnie O. Ingram, University of Florida.

Cell Culture.  Conveners: Sadettin S. Ozturk, Ph.D., Bayer Corporation, and
Geno Gramp, Ph.D., Amgen Corporation.

Conference Chairs:

Justin O. Neway, Ph.D., Vice President, Applications
Aegis Analytical Corp, 3197 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO 80503
Tel & Fax: (303) 440-7561
e-mail: jneway at aegiscorp.com

James C. Liao, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-3122
Tel: (409) 845-9807.  Fax: (409) 845-6446
e-mail: j-liao at tamu.edu

Keynote Speaker: Frederick C. Neidhardt, Ph.D., Acting Vice President for
Research, University of Michigan

Banquet Speaker: Steve C. Mendell, President & CEO, Prizm Pharmaceuticals

Advisory Committee: Barry C. Buckland  Ph.D., Vice-President, Bioprocess
R&D, Merck Research Laboratories; Prof. Arnold Demain, Professor of
Industrial Microbiology, Department of Biology, MIT; Prof. Michael
Flickinger, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Minnesota; Karl J.
Sanford, Ph.D., Vice President, Technology Division, Genencor
International; Prof. Anthony J. Sinskey,  Professor of Microbiology,
Department of Biology, MIT.

Conference Deadlines: Poster abstracts due: Sept. 15; Final program
information and poster order: Oct. 1; Programs will be mailed out: Oct. 27.

Justin O. Neway, Ph.D., VP, Applications
Aegis Analytical Corporation
3197 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO 80503-9003
Tel: (303) 440-7561, Fax: (303) 450-4125

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